Using ASMR technique we transport you to future frontiers of perception, selection, technology and supremacy.

Breitbart Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (BASMR) is an informal sensory phenomenon .

Users experience a tingling sensation across the scalp and the back of the neck in response to triggering audio-visual stimuli.

Using sensitive mics and whispering, this experience is widely reported to be accompanied by feelings of deep relaxation and warm well-being but also elevating the user to a level of nordic reality and generating a crystal clear and genuine truth.

We at Breitbart Blue enable transgression into realms prior uncharted by adrenaline-driven white alpha males.

You can be the first seeker on this mission to a state of holistic libertarian transcendence and state of absolute clarity. Ours is the world.

So let us update and accelerate your existence.


① Take a Deep Breath

② Move Your Mouse

③ Envision a White Cold Clean Nordic Future

④ Feel the Strength of your Blood

⑤ Focus and Enlighten Yourself